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Gutz The Musical By David Oliver

Casey Carson moves to the ‘Big Apple’ with a head full of dreams and a heart full of hope. She is intelligent and motivated. She begins an internship for Davis Power Inc, one of the biggest financial players in the city. As the long summer days begin to fade, she is joined by Cole Jackson, a streetwise, tough young man from Philadelphia, the beautiful razor sharp Angel Martinez from Queens and Tyler Brown, a well heeled, arrogant son of a rich man from so-called ‘good stock’ in New Haven.

These four begin their internship with the promise that one will be offered a full time position as an associate. This year in the life of an intern creates stresses and strains unlike anything they have ever encountered; the gold at the end of the rainbow is a coveted position within one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world and an opportunity to live the dream.

Burning the candle at both ends, these personalities are thrown into a year of ridiculous workloads, late night classes led by the stylish Meredith King-Peterson, who happens to be a lady of class and decency, what follows are unrealistic deadlines and a nightlife that mixes the good with the bad in equal amounts, sometimes skirting the corners of what’s legal and what’s not.

This is hedonistic city-life in the fast lane, with the ever changing work/personal relationships between colleagues and lovers on a perpetual cliff edge. The dynamics and pressures of this environment are exposed, as are the inner workings and true thoughts and beliefs of the various characters, be they good or bad. Ultimately, the thin veneer of big city egocentrism begins to unravel and all is not always what it seems!

There is the young naïve Courtney Devine, a vulnerable girl on work experience, Adrianna Davis, the tough and shrewd office go to girl and personal assistant Dakota Jones, loyal and well respected for her dependability and sound advice. Then we have the opportunist Jack Thompson. Are his motives honest? Cooper Young, who is quick with his tongue and keeps things light. Then there is the director himself, Mr. William Peterson, a rock of stability and an inspiring voice in terms of attitudes and values within the workplace.

Every workplace has its assholes and this place is no different. Michael Mitchell and Rick Carter are obnoxious and a possible extension of the will and desire of the ‘out of touch’ CEO Mr. Wilson. They carry a lot of clout in the office and have a serious influence over the staff, particularly the men. They are supported by cold, indifferent personal assistant Ms. Johnson, whose motives are questionable.

Strong characters offer guidance and direction in stormy seas, and this is where we meet Madison MacKenzie, the eccentric landlady who is nobody’s fool. She becomes a mother figure to the girls and offers wisdom and advice. She is uncompromising and opinionated. There is Red O’Donnell, an Irish American from Chicago who is an ex-boxer and wears the scars well. He is a mentor to Cole and, although educated solely at the school of hard knocks, offers some of the best advice a man can get.

Much needed relief is found at the popular watering hole ‘Blue’, a live music venue run by vivacious transgender, Jessie Adams. It’s a venue that colourfully blends into a nightlife scene steeped in excess, androgyny and all type of walks and wild sides.

The strains and stresses of the New York night-life nip and tear, as to do the expectations and standards demanded. Simmering gender tensions and relationship trouble explode to reveal a shock affair and professional foul play and forces people to ask what do they really want out of life. Dreams can turn to nightmares and this story is no different.

This is a world where greed, ambition and ruthlessness are viewed as essential tools of the business. Strains, stresses and an intense social life add to the volatile nature of a year living in the feral, unmerciful yet seductive lair of New York City. A city that never sleeps has no trusted bedfellows. Can we dream of a life in the heart of the city when the city has no heart? It’s time for Casey to follow her ‘Gutz’.



Gutz The Musical | An Original Musical By David Oliver

Gutz The Musical | I can’t stop chasing, chasing rainbows Chasing all the time