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Musical ‘Gutz’ snapped up for second run

gutznewspic1BY CONOR SHARKEY
Such has been its success since it premiered at Strabane’s Alley Theatre earlier this month that ‘Gutz – the Musical’ has been snapped up for a further run. David McGarrigle’s colourful tale of a small town girl bidding to make it in the big city attracted a sell out crowd three nights in a row and has had delighted theatre-goers raving since.

It has now been confirmed that the show will be returning in November for a two night stint in the Alley Theatre. Meanwhile Letterkenny’s An Grianan have all but confirmed that they too will be inviting the cast of Gutz to Donegal for the first time in October. The story itself follows the journey of Casey Carson, played by the feisty Christina McBeth, as she leaves home for the first time to pursue a career in the finance district of a major city.

There she encounters an orchestra of characters – from the shallow and money-driven to the sweet and innocent – but who all, in one way or another, shape who she is and what she wants. On her journey Casey confronts greed, deceit, sexism, bullying and even marriage infidelity. The potentially weighty topics though are teased out against a backdrop of quality acting, energetic dance routines and soaring vocals.
Gutz has already been dubbed a triumph and the Alley Theatre’s marketing manager, Emma Devine, said they were delighted that David McGarrigle had agreed to bring it back.

“The feedback we have had from audiences has been amazing and we are delighted that Gutz is coming back,” Emma said. “We felt we had to have a second run just because of the success of the first performances. And the fact that David and the cast are local, it makes all the more special. “Having seen Gutz, it is an excellent piece of work. David wrote the storyline, the music and the script from scratch and you get the impression there is much more to come from him.”

The writer himself said he had been overwhelmed by the reaction to what was his debut piece of theatre. He said that he hoped to build on the momentum that has already built up around the musical. “I always thought it had potential but the reaction has been unbelievable,” David said.

“I was never a huge fan of being on stage, even in my days with the brass bands. But this is different, this is a completely different buzz from anything I have ever done. To have 30 or 40 people up there
singing songs that you have written, it’s an incredible experience. “I’m very excited that we have been asked to do it all again and who knows where it will go from here,” David said.

• Tickets for the next performances of
Gutz will go on sale in August. Check
www.alley-theatre.com for updates.